Senior Research Associate

  • Program Evaluation

  • Evaluator for Oregon Health Authority’s Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention grants (CDC funded)

  • Focus on evaluation as a tool for systems change

  • Specialist in addiction/Mental Health


Operations Manager

  • 13 years experience in operations/project management and marketing strategy.

  • Facilitated the development of the OHA funded Drug Overdose Outbreak Plan Guidebook to assist Oregon counties in developing interagency emergency response plans that intercept and prevent drug overdoses.

  • Provide research, content development, and operations/project management for Synergy projects.


  • Associate Medical Director of Outpatient Substance Use Disorders at Central City Concern

  • Doctorally prepared psychiatric nurse practitioner, substance use disorder specialist and educator

  • Lecture topics include: medication assisted treatment, trauma informed care, substance use disorders, harm reduction, health justice, and holistic care.


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