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knows that in order to address the overdose syndemic in our country

we need to create sustainable change. We must educate our communities about the intersectionality of trauma, addiction, and pain, and build integrated systems of care that support healing and wellbeing.


Synergy’s nationally recognized content experts and consultants are here to partner with your community, your agency, your health system, your clinic, your care teams, and 1 : 1 with your medical and behavioral health staff to help facilitate culture change, save lives, increase collaboration, and support wellbeing in our individual and collective lives.


The Synergy team has extensive experience providing comprehensive system change support across sectors to improve chronic pain care and increase access to treatment of substance use disorders and behavioral health care. Synergy supports practice transformation with a combination of comprehensive needs assessments, practice facilitation, individualized educational outreach and consultation, strategic planning, creation of innovative clinical decision support tools, physician mentoring, and health system process mapping.

Improve and humanize the treatment of pain and substance-use disorders:


Provide clinical consultation and trainings for how to use medications for treating addiction in primary and specialty care settings.


Optimize team functioning by identifying opportunities for improved workflows, communication, and care coordination within care teams.


Identify opportunities for increased care-coordination, improved referral pathways, and standardized practices around pain and SUD treatment across sectors within the community.

Address stigma: 

Provide on-site and virtual training/technical assistance tools and methodology to increase knowledge, comfort and competence within care teams addressing acute and chronic pain care and substance use disorders.

Trainings address topics including:

    The intersectionality of trauma, pain, and addiction.

    The evidence behind behavioral health treatment approaches.

    How health disparities, inequities and stigma affect their patient populations and practice.

    Support in developing culturally attuned patient-facing educational materials related to chronic      pain self-management & substance use treatment.


Using comprehensive needs assessments, practice facilitation, educational outreach, technical assistance, project management, academic detailing, health informatics and data analysis, Synergy works with law enforcement, emergency departments, criminal justice agencies, addiction treatment facilities, primary care, and public health organizations, to help them identify opportunities for increasing access and improving existing SUD treatment and pain care in the areas of: 
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