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Practitioners and Patients are encouraged to use these evidence-based resources to support treatment planning for chronic pain management,

pain medicine, and safe prescribing.

Practitioner Resources

Chronic Pain Education

Understanding pain, opioid prescribing & modern therapies for pain treatment.


Pain screening tools, motivational interviewing techniques & transforming difficult conversations.


Tapering guidelines, understanding opioid dependence, safe prescribing and tracking.

Substance Use Treatment

Understanding addiction medicines, dispelling medication myths, behavioral health & primary care integration.

Patient Resources

Crisis Response Planning Resources

Public Health

Drug overdose crisis response  & syringe exchange program planning materials. 

Law Enforcement & First Responders

Overdose & Naloxone training resources. Sample crime intervention programs.

Community Agency 

Supporting community agency substance use education & service integration.

Substance Use Treatment

Understanding addiction, addiction medicines & dispelling medication myths.

COVID-19 Resources

Chronic Pain Education

Understanding pain, pain management planning and support tools.

Patient Experience

Inspiration & motivation from the patient perspective to support your pain journey.

Medication Education

Understanding  pain medications, drug interactions, and tapering practices.

Therapeutic Supports

Alternative pain treatment modalities, resiliency, and systems of support.

Covid-19 Resources

American Medical Association

COVID-19 Pain, Opioid Use Disorder & Harm Reduction Resources


AMA Physicians Guide to Keeping Your Practice Open During COVID-19

Comprehensive safety planning resource for safe visits & COVID exposure preparation


Comprehensive Resources


Controlled Substance Prescribing Policies

CLOUD Curated COVID-19

Resource Compilation

American Chronic Pain Association:

Supports for Pain Patients

Oregon Pain Guidance COVID-19

Provider Pain Education Videos

Managing Pain Flare-ups during


Peer Perspective: Managing Pain

Flare-ups during COVID-19

Oregon Wellness Program

Promoting the well-being of Oregon's health professionals

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