• Project Management/Coordination/Oversight

  • Practice Facilitation

  • Doctorate in Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) (with a focus on addressing the opioid crisis in medical settings)

  • Consultation/Technical Assistance

  • Board Certified in Family and Addiction Medicine

  • Medical Director and Health Officer for Jackson County (Since 2002)

  • Founder of Oregon Pain Guidance Group (www.oregonpainguidance.org)

  • Awarded Doctor-Citizen of the Year by the Oregon Medical Association

  • 25 years of experience in behavioral health and chronic pain management in primary care

  • Behavioral Health Innovation Specialist for Care Oregon (Coordinated Care Organization)

  • Founding member of Oregon Pain Guidance Group

  • Consultant with the Center for Disease Control

  • Practice Facilitator

  • Medical Director, Clackamas Community Health Centers, Oregon

  • Family Physician with a specialty in preventative Medicine

  • Consultation and Educational Outreach

       Areas of Specialty:

  • System change in primary care around opiate prescribing and culture

  • MAT system design and capacity growth in primary care

  • Collaboration with community partners and specialty care for risk reduction related to SUD

  • 10 years experience working with EHR’s, data analysis, & medical IT

  • Technical assistance of EHR tool implementation strategies and data collection

  • Simple EHR tools to support opioid management in primary care

       Areas of Specialty: 

  • Easy ways to manage a roster of patients on opioids 

  • Quick-start options for reporting and tracking opioid use in Epic and configuration recommendations

  • Faculty for OHSU Project ECHO

  • Consultant, Center for Disease Control

  • Steering Committee, Oregon Pain Guidance Group


  • “The Journey of Chronic Pain, From Hell and Back”

  • “Difficult Conversations Between Doctors and Patients: Two Sides of the Same Coin”

  • “The Missing Tips and Tricks for Living with Chronic Pain and Tapering off of Opioids: The Skills We Never Learned But Should Have”


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