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Behavioral Health Integration

Drawing on evidence and close to 40 years of collective experience working within primary care behavioral health settings, Synergy’s behavioral health consultants support clinics in the process of developing or improving their Integrated Behavioral Health programs to address related behavioral health needs presenting in primary care visits. 

Synergy specializes in:

Addressing regulatory challenges

Building financial sustainability for BH programs in primary care

Workflow development (brief interventions, assessment, referrals, warm hand-offs)

Supervision and training of BH staff

Building sustainable MAT and BH programs

Optimizing the relationships within the entire care team

Alternative treatment methods for chronic pain

Synergy supports organizational wellness for behavioral health care teams with:

Groups/Workshops: Tailored offerings to transform care team relationships:

Learn and practice wellness skills that build resilience

Build positive coping skills to manage stress of everyday life

Identify and manage activation in the body​​

Consultation -Partnering to build effective and efficient integrated behavioral health services

On-site and distance technical assistance on fiscal, operational and clinical components of integrated behavioral health care

Clinician and system coaching to enhance well-being and optimize care team relationships

Behavioral health integration program development and evaluation

Clinical Supervision-Trauma-informed individual and group clinical supervision for integrated behavioral health clinicians:

Clinical supervision toward licensure as LCSW, LPC, LMFT and PhD

Assist with satisfying Oregon licensing board regulatory requirements

Training in evidence-based brief behavioral assessment and intervention

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