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Addiction Medicine

The Synergy team has years of direct experience with Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) including buprenorphine and extended release naltrexone, as well as prior experience with methadone in an outpatient treatment program (OTP).  We have nationally recognized experts on staff that are board certified in Addiction Medicine with experience working in cross-sector, multidisciplinary environments that collaborate with peers, behaviorists, primary care providers, community justice, and community social service agencies.  Synergy is committed to developing system change in primary care and corrections settings around opioid prescribing, MAT system design and capacity growth, coordinated specialty care, and reducing overdose risk.

Synergy can support your multidisciplinary teams in:

Expanding integrated behavioral health and primary care programs to support clients with opioid, alcohol, and methamphetamine use disorder,  including using interventions such as contingency management

Developing collaborative addiction treatment and safer pain programs for populations with multiple medical and behavioral co-morbidities

Addressing stigma, supporting access to MAT, and coordinating with community justice when working with individuals struggling with addiction who have or had criminal justice involvement

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